All our parks are designed by skaters.  All our parks are built by professionals.  We build to last with the minimum of maintenance requirements.  If you have a wooden or steel park you will be thrilled by the maintenance savings.

We want to help you get a skatepark built in your local community. But most of all we want to help you get the right skatepark for your area. We have seen too many poorly designed, and badly built skateparks to stand idly by. We want to make sure that a well designed, well built, and most importantly – fun place for skateboarders actually gets built in your area. We will take you through each step you will need to take in order to make your dream skate park a reality.

We have also put together contact information for the kinds of people that you can look to for help, as well as the organizations that you will want to work with. These people may change as you move closer to your goal: a park that you will be proud of. We've been building skateparks for 17 years. This guide is the product of literally thousands of hours of experience in getting skateparks built. In that time we have made some mistakes and learnt from them. This guide will help you avoid mistakes and get built a fun, safe and low maintenance skate facilities for your community.

Built right it will enhance the character of the neighbourhood, and integrate with the locals and the users. Beware: building a skatepark takes time. You will meet a lot of obstacles and challenges. You will need to work hard and learn to get on with people you don't like! But you will meet like minded friends and neighbours along the way, you will find help in the most unlikely of places and you will look back on your skatepark much wiser and ready to shred.