Most funding bodies will require a design to show that you are serious about your project. This is where a conceptual design can be useful. When people see your conceptual design they will be much more compelled to contribute time or money to it. A skatepark usually goes through two design phases. The first phase is a conceptual design phase where a user or designer will create a rendition of the park that shows it in the space it will occupy and tries to capture the general essence of a potential design.

    Please contact us, we can discuss with you what you require and turn it into a conceptual skatepark design. Remember that this document will be what you use to get people interested therefore you need the best looking and most professional conceptual design you can get!

    As the project takes shape we will take your conceptual design and turn it into something that can be built for the budget you have available. This phase requires a professional skatepark designer and consultation. Skatepark design is usually around 10% of the overall cost, but doing the design up front allows you to get the exact design you want. It also allows a tendering process where you can compare the costs of the skatepark builders. At the end of the design phase you will have a final design document that shows the park in its exact location, drawn to scale with an accurate topography, and a really close estimate on construction costs. Most designers can also produce construction documents during this phase, which the builder will need in order to create the park as designed.